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Understanding Sports Betting Units
« on: January 22, 2013, 06:32:52 am »
Sport’s betting is a class for many professional bettors who love to design their own betting language and glossary while others still follow what they get to know from various sources. In betting terminology, a betting unit is the amount a bettor is willing to wager per bet, i.e., his volume of money per bet becomes a betting unit for him. Accordingly a betting unit could be worth $10 for one bettor and $10000 for other, it all depends how he segregates his bankroll into units. Strategically, there’re many theories about how many betting unites should be made out of a bankroll, and how these units should be showcased to count the total winning or losing in a betting season. Many experienced bettors recommend segregating a bankroll into 20 to 30 units, and then use these units according to individual’s betting preferences. It’s not a rocket science to find a unit out of a bettor’s bankroll, coz it’s eventually a bettor’s own decision and can vary based on his own perception about a game, its atmosphere, or his internal findings about a game’s outcome.

So, when a bettor says he’s +10 units for current betting season, it’s a symbolic declaration without any actual value of his winnings. Perhaps, one can take this like he is leading his bets by 10. That’s why professional bettors only declare their total units balance after a gaming season rather declaring actual money they have won or lost.

A Measuring Tool for Novice Bettors

While the term betting unit has a specific meaning in betting terminology, it also works like an assisting measuring tool for novice bettors who don’t yet know how they should manage their bets or how many bets they need to place in a gaming season. Overall, sports betting units are simply the divisions out of total bankroll which tell about a bettor’s strategy and plans. If a bettor plans 20 to 30 betting units out of his total bankroll, he is deemed to be a conservative bettor who doesn’t take too many risks, while if a bettor restricts his sports betting units to just 10 to 15, he is taken to be an aggressive bettor who loves to take chances for the sake of high returns. However, if a better is following some unethical means of betting, or he is a known to some inside information about a match, he is usually seen throwing his bankroll via big bets. Anyways, novice bettors should only follow betting text book’s recommendations while planning their sports betting units.