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Brazil Sack Mano Menezes
« on: November 27, 2012, 08:18:06 am »
It’s another sacking from an international soccer team for making a ‘dynamic’ change ahead of soccer world cup 2014. This time; it’s Brazil who did it to implement ‘new methods’ for coming world cup being hosted on its own soil. Mano Menezes, the head coach of its national team, was hired in 2010 after world cup, and exactly two years later; he is shown the doors for creating and implementing new gaming approaches. It’s rather wrong to say that this decision is only because President wants to give a new outline to national squad, but coach’s recent failures also contributed in sacking him at a crucial time. Menezes, 50, failed to win gold in London Olympic 2012; perhaps, Brazil’s defeat from Paraguay was considered one of the biggest letdowns of the head coach. Citing the official reasons for a high profile sacking, Andres Sanchez, director Brazil Football Federation, said, Jose Maria Marin took this bold setp coz he ‘wants new methods and new planning" ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

“The president believes that the national team needs to go in a different direction and for that he needs a new coach,” he added.

You may call it superstition or something else, but rumors are Marin is eyeing on its world cup winning coach Luiz Felipe Scolari for his substitute, however, Sanchez said it is too early to predict a replacement deal right now. Moreover, Sanchez himself is disagreeing with president’s bold step and called it is brave move by the boss ahead of a crucial event being hosted at their home, he even declined of his sacking for poor performance. He told about his performance, “Mano did a good job. He faced difficulties but the work being done was improving. If the problem was the lack of good results he would have been fired earlier. He was winning recently.”

Further, Menezes is also not satisfying with the way he is being fired all of a sudden.

Anyways, the biggest allegation made against him was that Brazil only defeated weaker teams under his supervision. It is despite his impressive results, where he coached Brazil in 33 matches and achieved 21 victories along with six losses and similar draws. Moreover, he restored Brazilian supremacy by replacing star players like Ronaldinho and Robinho. Quoting his disappointments over president’s decision, Sanchez said, “The team was about 85 per cent set, but what happens now will depend on the new coach. I respect the president’s decision, but it interrupts the work that was under way and I don’t think it came at a right moment.”
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