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Sports Betting Guide / Understanding Sports Betting Units
« on: January 22, 2013, 06:32:52 am »
Sport’s betting is a class for many professional bettors who love to design their own betting language and glossary while others still follow what they get to know from various sources. In betting terminology, a betting unit is the amount a bettor is willing to wager per bet, i.e., his volume of money per bet becomes a betting unit for him. Accordingly a betting unit could be worth $10 for one bettor and $10000 for other, it all depends how he segregates his bankroll into units. Strategically, there’re many theories about how many betting unites should be made out of a bankroll, and how these units should be showcased to count the total winning or losing in a betting season. Many experienced bettors recommend segregating a bankroll into 20 to 30 units, and then use these units according to individual’s betting preferences. It’s not a rocket science to find a unit out of a bettor’s bankroll, coz it’s eventually a bettor’s own decision and can vary based on his own perception about a game, its atmosphere, or his internal findings about a game’s outcome.

So, when a bettor says he’s +10 units for current betting season, it’s a symbolic declaration without any actual value of his winnings. Perhaps, one can take this like he is leading his bets by 10. That’s why professional bettors only declare their total units balance after a gaming season rather declaring actual money they have won or lost.

A Measuring Tool for Novice Bettors

While the term betting unit has a specific meaning in betting terminology, it also works like an assisting measuring tool for novice bettors who don’t yet know how they should manage their bets or how many bets they need to place in a gaming season. Overall, sports betting units are simply the divisions out of total bankroll which tell about a bettor’s strategy and plans. If a bettor plans 20 to 30 betting units out of his total bankroll, he is deemed to be a conservative bettor who doesn’t take too many risks, while if a bettor restricts his sports betting units to just 10 to 15, he is taken to be an aggressive bettor who loves to take chances for the sake of high returns. However, if a better is following some unethical means of betting, or he is a known to some inside information about a match, he is usually seen throwing his bankroll via big bets. Anyways, novice bettors should only follow betting text book’s recommendations while planning their sports betting units.

Online Soccer News / Real defender Pepe undergoes right ankle surgery
« on: January 05, 2013, 09:22:02 am »
It’s a world of misfortunes, which exactly holds true with Spanish football club Real Madrid who has long been preparing for its much hyped clash with Manchester United in Champions League, but all of a sudden, its star center back defender Portuguese Pepe starts feeling some discomfort on his right ankle when he returned from the Christmas break. His anxiety turned out to be too serious for him and doctors advised him for a minimum invasion surgery right away. Hence, counting on his doctor’s advice, Pepe underwent his right ankle arthroscopic surgery on Wednesday in his homeland Portugal. Having a surgery means he will be sidelined for at least one month as per the doctors attending him. Club said through its website that “After feeling pain in his right ankle and a medical checkup, the Real Madrid player Pepe was operated on this morning in Porto.” Club statement did not mention anything about the time frame Pepe is expected to be sidelined, but according to sport’s medical experts, this kind of surgery does require at least four weeks rest.

It is more than a setback for Real coz it is already facing injury problems to its multiples players including Fabio Coentrao and Marcelo. Moreover, another center back Sergio Ramos is also not available for next home clash with Real Sociedad on Sunday coz of his suspension. With available options, there can be a possible pairing between French teenager Raphael Varane and Ricardo Carvalho at the center. Notably, Real did not have a dream start in La Liga this season, hence it is trying hard to recover from the early fallouts and make a comeback. For now, they are placed at third position on the leaderboard after their first seventeen matches of the season. Barcelona, the top positioned club, is leading Real by 16 points at the moment.

The much hyped showdown against Man United is scheduled to Feb 13, and by then; he is expected to return, but nothing has been confirmed yet by his doctors. There could be a delay if his recovery doesn’t go smooth. His ankle arthroscopy is taken care of by Dutch specialist Van Dijk, who is one of the best specialists of football injuries and has treated Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle in his very first year. So, he would also try to make it sure that he recovers faster, rest is a matter of time and Real’s luck along with Pepe!

The whole racial saga being created by Chelsea’s John Mikel Obi last month, is taking twists and turns every week. Last week, the accused referee Clattenburg was cleared by the disciplinary committee, and later, Chelsea itself has to regret about the whole issue. Moreover, Chelsea also extended Mikel’s contract for another five years, hence Reds tried their hard to equalize the matter by favoring both the parties in one way or other, but now, another controversy has begun wherein Mikel has been proven of having an intimidating confrontation with the referee and banned by English Football Association for three matches along with a £60,000 fine. Actually, when the incident took place last month, Mikel confronted with the referee in the dressing room where he was seen arguing with the Clattenburg about his alleged remark “shut up you monkey.” That controversy changed the life of an elite FIFA referee; perhaps he missed whole four weeks of premium league.

Since, that case has been concluded, including the parallel police investigation which was also initiated against him, Mikel’s retaliation by mean of using threatening words to referee in his dressing room; in from of many, has been taken as a serious offence; hence he got three matches’ suspension along with a fine. Since, player had accepted of using such words against referee in disciplinary hearing, there is no ‘other side’ of his offence. The ban will be forced with an immediate effect, so despite after signing a new five year contract, Nigerian international will not be available for Saturday's trip to Sunderland, However, good news is; he can be a part of Chelsea’s squad for Club World Cup which is being started next week in Japan.

His unavailability is not good news for Rafael Benitez, coz he will have to find his replacement for January’s African Cup of Nations. Anyways, at the moment, all eyes are on the player’s newly imposed ban which is informed by the FA via a statement that reads as, “Chelsea's John Obi Mikel has been given a three-match suspension to begin with immediate effect and fined £60,000 following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing today.

“The Regulatory Commission's independent chairman Christopher Quinlan QC emphasised that the Independent Regulatory Commission accepted, as did The FA, that at the time he threatened the referee the player genuinely believed that the referee had racially abused him.

“But for that factor the suspension would have been significantly longer. Subsequently The FA investigated the allegation that the referee racially abused the player and found that there was not a case for him to answer.”

Online Soccer News / Brazil Sack Mano Menezes
« on: November 27, 2012, 08:18:06 am »
It’s another sacking from an international soccer team for making a ‘dynamic’ change ahead of soccer world cup 2014. This time; it’s Brazil who did it to implement ‘new methods’ for coming world cup being hosted on its own soil. Mano Menezes, the head coach of its national team, was hired in 2010 after world cup, and exactly two years later; he is shown the doors for creating and implementing new gaming approaches. It’s rather wrong to say that this decision is only because President wants to give a new outline to national squad, but coach’s recent failures also contributed in sacking him at a crucial time. Menezes, 50, failed to win gold in London Olympic 2012; perhaps, Brazil’s defeat from Paraguay was considered one of the biggest letdowns of the head coach. Citing the official reasons for a high profile sacking, Andres Sanchez, director Brazil Football Federation, said, Jose Maria Marin took this bold setp coz he ‘wants new methods and new planning" ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

“The president believes that the national team needs to go in a different direction and for that he needs a new coach,” he added.

You may call it superstition or something else, but rumors are Marin is eyeing on its world cup winning coach Luiz Felipe Scolari for his substitute, however, Sanchez said it is too early to predict a replacement deal right now. Moreover, Sanchez himself is disagreeing with president’s bold step and called it is brave move by the boss ahead of a crucial event being hosted at their home, he even declined of his sacking for poor performance. He told about his performance, “Mano did a good job. He faced difficulties but the work being done was improving. If the problem was the lack of good results he would have been fired earlier. He was winning recently.”

Further, Menezes is also not satisfying with the way he is being fired all of a sudden.

Anyways, the biggest allegation made against him was that Brazil only defeated weaker teams under his supervision. It is despite his impressive results, where he coached Brazil in 33 matches and achieved 21 victories along with six losses and similar draws. Moreover, he restored Brazilian supremacy by replacing star players like Ronaldinho and Robinho. Quoting his disappointments over president’s decision, Sanchez said, “The team was about 85 per cent set, but what happens now will depend on the new coach. I respect the president’s decision, but it interrupts the work that was under way and I don’t think it came at a right moment.”

Sports Betting Guide / Sportsbooks, the Online Advantage
« on: November 18, 2012, 01:12:53 am »

Though Sportsbooks are presented in their various avatars around the world but their online presence has the maximum impact and reach to an aspiring sport bettor who is looking for a respected online betting destination. Traditionally, offline Sportsbooks are more popular till the arrival of online books and after that the whole sports betting industry shifted its flow from offline to online. Now, there’re more online Sportsbooks than trustworthy offline betting destinations, perhaps you can find hundreds of reputed online portals offering their online betting services with their claimed distinctive features. Actually, being online has many advantages too that help these books to expand their reach from a local region to around the world in a short span of time. Any bettor who’s looking for an online book can dig the internet and find a suitable betting destination for him in just few minutes. Basically, there’re more reasons than their easy reachability to choose an online books rather sticking with old fashioned brick and mortar betting zones.

Maximum Betting Options

Technology has now made it possible to get the latest updates of any game which is being played in any part of the world. If live updates are available then online Sportsbooks can add any game to their betting portfolio. This way, a bettor can choose out of a galaxy of different games being played anywhere in the world. Perhaps, every game and every possible outcome is covered with a separate betting odd to choose from. Hence, a bettor has plenty of choices to bet and enjoy the curiosity of being a bettor even if he is overly scattered geographically.

Easy Money Transfers

True betting fun can only be enjoyed if a bettor places real money bets, and for that he needs to deposit real money into his book account. Online Sportsbooks are usually associated with several banking gateways to cover their target market around the globe. So, a player, no matter how far he is situated, can easily and safely deposit his money for wagering. Even withdrawals are supported by many options to cheerfully withdraw wins out of a book account.

Instant Updates

Sportsbooks are very professional in their betting operations, and an online betting operator cannot survive without readily updating his gaming odds. Possibly, no one can access the game facts as fast as a sportsbook does to offer best odds on different possible outcomes of a game. All these luring aspects make online Sportsbooks the clear leader in betting industry, and truly so, online Sportsbooks are growing faster than ever in last few years.

Online Soccer News / M'Vila is a No No for France until June 2014
« on: November 13, 2012, 10:42:54 am »
No one would believe if we say there are very strict disciplinary codes for soccer players especially when they are on a tour or they are about to play a critical match. But, in reality, there are many teams who take great care of their rules and code of conducts and punish harshly if anyone beats them. In a latest incident, 22 years old Yann M'Vila has been barred to play any international match until June 2014. Why? Coz he spent his whole night in a night club ahead of their crucial Euro 2013 qualifier. Notably, he was not the only to do this mistake, but since he was the only who is a part of France national squad, is banned for a longer team while other players are banned until Dec. 31, 2013. His other accompanied players were under 21 players Wissam Ben Yedder, Chris Mavinga, Antoine Griezman, and Mbaye Niang. With his prolonged ban, his chances to play in FIFA world cup are very low looking at the date of his ban’s expiry.

His unfortunate ban was decided by his coach Frederic Antonetti on October 19 after a long consultation with President Frederic de Saint-Sernin and sporting director Pierre Dreossi. Notably, this is not the first time, when Vila has faced a ban; earlier too he was suspended, but just for one match, after he refused to shake hands after his outset for a match against Spain during European Championship in June. Moreover, there are more cases of street violence against him including a case of slapping a 17 year old over an argument. Didier Deschamps, manager of France nation soccer team, said over the issue, “I don't know if the word `disappointed' is enough, and not just for him, but for all five. What they did is incompatible with the France shirt.”

France is among the few nations who follow zero tolerance policy over any disciplinary lapse, and it holds true at every level of sports, including national. If it would have any other country; there are strong chances that these players would be allowed to play after a warning or so, but it is their ‘bad luck’ that they are associated with firmest sports community in the world. On the other side of the story, these disciplinary measures are necessary to avoid any unfortunate happening before a crucial match. We have learned so many times, that English players caught taking slipping/caffeine pills, would they take those pills if English FA could impose their disciplinary codes rigorously? Think again!

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